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11.11 Technologies - where innovation meets practicality

We leverage cutting-edge technology to develop robust, user-friendly software and hardware solutions that transform the way you live and work

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When you engage us, we ensure that you have information that you need at your fingertips through customized dashboards for your preferences.
One Click door access solution

Unlock doors with your mobile phone

Application has visitor management control where you can allow time based access to anybody you grant approval to.

Artificial Intelligence

We offer AI consulting services and solutions that will help you achieve your business objectives faster, while setting you up for sustainable growth.

Mobile Application Development

We have mobile application development services with both IOS and Android platform covered. Tell us your requirement and we will deliver.

Customized Software Platform

We provide services that will help you energise your company's efficiency and digitalize your current excel solution.

IT Infrastructure Management

Let us handle your mundane IT problems for you. We offer competitive rates and reliable services.

Internet of Things

Utilizing the Internet, we are able to connect a wide variety of smart devices together making the smart be smarter

Blockchain Development

We offer blockchain development services such as a simple E-Wallet or even integrating your business into a crypto friendly software.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free trial?

We can always do so on a case by case basis. Work with us to find out more.

Do you offer enterprise pricing?

Yes our pricing packages are enterprise related and are competitive.

What support is included?

If you sign a maintenance package from us we will provide you with development support for existing deployed softwares. We will also provide you free replacement of hardware within the warranty period.

Do you have apps for iPhone and Android?

Yes most of our solutions come with Apps that cater to both platforms.

What 3rd party apps can I integrate?

We can integrate with any NDI apps you require and any mygov services that is online. Singpass included.

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